BigPanda simplifies Ops troubleshooting
by cleaning up your noisy data & alerts, and visualizing correlations in your production stack

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big panda

Simplified Ops Troubleshooting

Aggregate your Ops data
in one timeline

Get one quick view of everything happening in your datacenter, including events from Nagios, New Relic, Pingdom, Git, Jenkins, Chef/Puppet, Splunk, AWS, Jira, ZenDesk and any custom data…

Clean up noisy
data & alerts

Separate the signal from the noise. Aggregate multiple server-level events from the same cluster into one data point. Filter out repetitive & flapping alerts. A unique incident should have one alert, not 57 alerts.

Correlate deployments,
alerts & other Ops events

Your production environment is full of complex dependencies. BigPanda helps you discover those dependencies (between deployments, nagios server alerts, log exceptions, AWS downtime, etc.) and identify root cause faster.

Business KPI’s
next to your Ops data

See your key business metrics on the same timeline as your Ops data. Quickly assess how an incident is impacting your business…before your boss calls to complain.

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